The only construction management software you need!

All you need to manage your projects the smart way

We bring you the cost and time control perspective with intelligent dashboard with real time data

Fully responsive

You can work from any device. We built Realtraker to work across smartphones, tabs, laptops and desktops. As long as you could get online, you are in control of your project

Project content online

Simply host project drawings and create project scope. All your project team can access the project details and update the status of scope in real time. With Realtraker all teams on the same page in realtime


Automated email of daily reports

No need to worry on sending emails and reports to send to your internal team or Project consultant or owner. Realtraker takes care of that, with auto send daily report at the end of each day to shared emails

Realtime Project Insight

With Real time project data the decision makers are at ease. Realtraker presents all critical project information including daily progress, costs and resources, issues impacting progress, changes to contract ... much more in one place

Backed by 30 years of construction industry experience

Perfectly designed

One tool that helps Project owner, Consultant and Contractors to be project dashboard and monitor the project progress. With this simple PMIS( Project Management Information System ). it's Win-Win for all.

It takes a less than a minute to signup and start tracking your project. There are no downloads required and no multiple versions to deal with. Its simple and intuitive tool in the hands your team.

Designed to drive your productivity and profits higher

Built to control your daily field costs and provide critical Business Intelligence.

General contractors

Take control of cost and time over runs of your projects. Access realtime field data and manage your project proactively. Bring your subs, clients, consultant on board by sharing relevant realtime project data.

Architects and designers

Monitor your projects and contractors work progress by deploying Realtraker as PMIS on your projects. Keep tab on the project progress in realtime.

Sub contractors

Monitor your project, productivity costs and progress in realtime. Share the issues with GC in realtime

Contract managers

Bring all project stake holders on dashboard to deliver the project efficiently. Identify the issues in advance and prevent project delays.

Project owners

Small or large, keep track of the project progress in realtime using Reatraker for your projects. Ask your contractor to deploy Realtraker to help them and help your project to be on time

Public departments

Track the project progress in realtime, avoid delays and reduce construction claims using RealtrackerPMIS

City corporation/ municipalities

Monitor all your project in one place with Realtraker Project Management Information System, simple but powerful tool for timely decisions.

Property developers and builders

Share the project progress, pictures and videos with your clients. Track the changes and custom modifications. Build your reputation as wells as save time and money.

Unlimited users per account

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Realtraker is brought to you by V-Plan Inc, leading provider of IT enabled estimation services and SaaS for construction. Dedicated towards creating a connected construction in realtime, V-Plan is working hard to create and offer innovative SaaS apps with pricing that does not pinch your pockets yet bring in huge benefits.

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